Statutory requirements are cited under Sections 362.020 thru 362.035 RSMo.

When you have reviewed the forms but prior to filing them, we would like to meet with the organizers to discuss the new bank, the application process, Division of Finance policies and guidelines regarding new charter applications. Contact our office at 573-751-4243 or Tip: Earning Prospects shown on pages 12 and 13 - Each time frame represents 12 months of operation and not a calendar year.

Upon completion forward one original and one photocopy to Division of Finance, PO Box 716, Jefferson City, MO 65102. Approximate processing time is 60 - 90 days. Filing fee of $2,500 should accompany the application. There are no state publication requirements.

In order for the proposed bank to be an insured institution to accept deposits, this application is a joint application with the FDIC. You should contact the FDIC for any specific instructions or publication requirements they may have.

Bank Charter Forms

Bank Charter Application (Requires Biographical and Financial Information Form )